AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award Presented by Zoetis


Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez

Dr. Elizabeth “Liddy” Alvarez, Assistant Professor-Clinical Track Section Head Primary Care, Ruth M. Skaar Chair in Veterinary Medicine Endowed Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine is the recipient of the 2022 AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis. This award is one of the most prestigious teaching awards in the academic veterinary medicine community.  Nominated by both students and faculty, this highly regarded educator brings a passionate mix to teaching, clinical service, community service and scholarship. In July of 2022, Dr. Alvarez was named inaugural recipient of the Ruth M. Skaar Chair in Veterinary Medicine Professorship. The Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Social Services (WisCARES) program curriculum was co-developed by Dr. Alvarez to support students in managing interactions with the community it serves.  Dr. Alvarez was also successful in securing close to $700,000 in grant funding to expand WisCARES’s community reach.

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