Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are, quite simply, a mix of live and virtual events. We have taken our live event, complete with an audience, content, and more, and added a virtual component to it so you can participate and engage with the conference, no matter where you are. We are bringing the two worlds together for a shared, unique experience!

How do I register for the AAVMC Annual Conference?

Click here to register for the AAVMC Annual Conference online.

How and when can we login to attend the AAVMC Annual Conference?

AAVMC is working diligently to prepare for this unique experience and we will email you the necessary instructions during the week of the event. Please ensure that the email address associated with your registration is accurate and up to date so that there is no delay in receiving our communications. The login for the event will be available at https://annualmeeting.aavmc.org/login/.

What do I need to do on the day of the virtual event?

When the conference begins, login to the system at https://annualmeeting.aavmc.org/login/ using the login credentials you will have received at the email address you provided during registration. If you haven’t seen this email notification, please check your spam filter for the message. In the event the message can’t be found, you may use the password recovery process to reset your login credentials, or contact Leslie Wilson for assistance.

Do I have access to all of the education sessions?

In a word, yes! You will be given the opportunity to select which sessions you would like to attend virtually. It is up to you to decide which sessions interest you in a given time block and to attend those sessions as desired. You may attend as many or as few sessions as you wish. 

Will I be able to see the presenters for each session?

Yes, you will see all plenary session and education session speakers along with their presentations.

Can I ask a question during the educational sessions?

No, the educational sessions are prerecorded. Therefore, we ask that you take notes and ask questions during the live Q&A session with the presenter at 4:40 p.m. on the day of the session. 

Can I share my virtual conference login information with other members of my team?

Every paid registration can attend virtually on one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone). The questions asked and the polling conducted within that single login session are all tied to the individual’s account that purchased the virtual event.

Can I access and view recordings of any sessions from the conference?

Your virtual conference registration includes access to all education session recordings after the event concludes except the Keynote Session: White Fragility. Due to contractual agreements, this session is only available during the live session on March 5, 2021, at 3:15 PM. You can view any other session you missed as soon as the recordings for those sessions are made available by AAVMC.  All recorded sessions will be available for you to access at no additional charge.