Welcome to Catalyze 2022!
March 3-5, 2022 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC

Spectrum of Care Symposium Sponsored by The Stanton Foundation

This session is intended to introduce the concept of Spectrum of Care (SOC) in veterinary medicine. Dr. Noyes will discuss the implications of SOC practice for veterinarians and training for veterinary students. Then, Dr. Noyes will present the AAVMC initiative to create a National Program to Prepare Veterinarians to Practice Across the Spectrum of Care and describe accomplishments to date as well as the next steps of the initiative.

Rethinking Intern and Resident Selection Processes: Perspectives of the Academic Affairs Committee

Anxiety about grades is an importance cause of stress in veterinary students and many internship and residency programs depend heavily upon grade point average and class rank when evaluating applicants. These measures of academic performance have significant limitations and we propose rethinking this approach to lower stress, enhance diversity, and select balanced applicants who can be successful in these challenging programs.

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