Welcome to Catalyze 2022!
March 3-5, 2022 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC

Pathway Program Development

Pathway programs can provide prospective students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, the opportunity to learn about veterinary medicine, gain experience and knowledge to be a more competitive applicant, all while learning about your program and establishing a network of future and current veterinary professionals. The opportunity to bring future students to your school will allow them to envision themselves at your school. Various pathway programs exist, ranging from one-day visits, summer camps, summer programs, and others. This session will provide examples of successful pathway programs and strategies for implementing a program at your institution.

Admissions Update

AAVMC’s Admissions and Recruitment Affairs staff and Liaison International representative will provide an annual update regarding admissions and recruitment initiatives. This session will provide a review of the VMCAS 2022 cycle, recruitment activities, an update of the current VMCAS 2023 cycle, and a review of Liaison admissions tools. Participants will also hear updates from the Admissions and Recruitment Committee. 

Assessment and Review of Admissions Process (Case studies)

Holistic review, as part of admissions processes, represents a shift from expecting the “best students” as those with the highest academic or standardized test metrics to those who are a “best fit” with the mission, values, and goals of any program. A likely goal for our programs is to enroll students who are both academically qualified and prepared to provide appropriate and culturally sensitive care. This presentation will review admissions processes from Colorado State University and University of Arizona using case study examples.

DEI & Wellbeing Application Essay Prompts

Supplemental essay questions can provide additional insight into an applicant and their likelihood of being a “best fit” with your program. The process for creating a well-written question takes intentional thought, consideration, and understanding about what you are truly looking to assess, especially when it comes to diversity and wellbeing. This workshop will walk you through the process of developing essay prompts for these topics that will support your evaluation of cultural competence and humility as well as emotional readiness in the admissions process.

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