Welcome to Catalyze 2022!
March 3-5, 2022 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC

Health and Wellbeing Among LGBTQ+ Veterinary Professionals and Students: The Impact of Institutional Climate

During this program a variety of data points will be shared including a recent JAVMA article, focused on the experiences of 440 LGBTQ+ professionals and students in the veterinary profession, living in the United States and United Kingdom. Overall, results showed comparatively high rates of suicide ideation and suicide attempts among LGBTQ+ professionals and students, and the relationship between climate variables and negative mental health outcomes suggested enhanced efforts are needed to improve the climates in veterinary workplaces and colleges. Join us to discuss this research, the implications, and a minimum of three ways to improve the climate within a veterinary workplace.

Use of a Hackathon to Design a Longitudinal Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Thread in a Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Program

Hack-a-Thons are rapid development events that maximize creativity and drive innovation through team-based collaboration, with the ultimate goal of addressing a specific need. Incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging concepts into veterinary medical education is one such urgent need. This presentation describes the use of a Hack-a-Thon to promote innovation and incorporate students as design partners during the creation of a longitudinal diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging curricular thread.

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