Welcome to Our 2022 Annual Conference!

Thank you for joining us for the first ever virtual AAVMC Annual Conference! Our calendar of events includes keynotes, panel sessions, and live Q&A sessions each day, as well as fun social activities that are ongoing. Have a question? Check our FAQs.

News & Announcements

Please share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #Catalyze2022!

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Help Desk

Having trouble with Zoom? Dog eat your homework?
We’ve got you covered.

Calendar Of Events

We are excited to present the 2021 AAVMC Annual Conference as a virtual experience. Our schedule includes panel sessions, breakout rooms, keynotes and networking opportunities. We understand that many are experiencing virtual fatigue; therefore, we have tailored the program to incorporate well-being practices, in addition to providing you with the content you expect from AAVMC.  

Social Activities

We encourage you to fully participate on social media. Please feel free to share this meeting experience and use the hashtag #Catalyze2021. Also, we have a few activities planned for networking and getting to know fellow attendees virtually. Join us for game night on March 3-4. Also, if you want to stay active during this conference, we invite you to participate in a friendly fitness competition with your colleagues.